On The Stem $11

Girls Night Out 2.0

Lime Vodka, Cranberry Vodka, Cranberry Juice,
Lime Juice, Triple Sec & Simple Syrup.

Natt Attack

Peanut Butter Whiskey, Kahlua, Butterscotch Schnapps, Baileys, Cream & Chocolate Syrup.

Zee’s Knee’s

Roku Gin, Triple Sec, Lemon Juice & Mike’s Hot Honey.


Watermelon Vodka, Triple Sec, Lemon Juice & Simple Syrup.

On The Rocks $10


Local Flying Leap Rose, Raspberry Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Muddled Fruit, Simple Syrup, topped with Lemon Lime Soda.

Cas-Berry Press

Raspberry Vodka, Raspberry Puree, Citrus, topped with Lemon Lime Soda.

Catalina Cooler

Orange and Cherry Vodka, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice & Grenadine.

Colossal Caddy

Spicy Tequila, Lime juice, Simple Syrup, Orange Juice & a Grand Marnier float.


Vanilla Vodka, Mr. Black Espresso Liqueur, Baileys, Cold Brew Coffee & Cream.

Jordyn’s Got The Tea

Peach Vodka, Sweet Tea Vodka, Honey Emulsion & Lemon Juice. Served Hot with a Black Tea Bag, or On The Rocks with Iced Tea.

Lovely Lexi ($7)

Mint, Passionfruit Puree, Muddled Citrus & Lemon Lime Soda. Add a shot of White Rum for $3 more.


Malibu, Orgeat, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, Captain morgan Float and Grenadine.

Mike Drop

Jameson Orange, Peach Schnapps, Fresh Lime juice & Ginger Beer.


Lemon Vodka, Triple Sec, Prickly Pear Syrup, Sour Mix & Topped with Lemon Lime Soda.

Sentinel Sour

Woodford Reserve, Elderflower Liqueur, Lemon Juice & Red Wine Float.

Toni’s Tonic

Spicy Tequila, Triple Sec, Peach Puree, Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice & Soda Water.

Down The Hatch $8

Bear Down

Apple Jack, Apple Pucker, Cranberry Juice & Grenadine.

Drunkle Neil

Sweet Tea Vodka, Lemon Vodka, Prickly Pear Syrup & Sour Mix.


Rum, Malibu, Melon Liqueur, Creme De Banana & Pineapple Juice.

Paul’s To The Wall

Tito’s Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Pineapple Juice & Tonic.


Rumplemintz, Frangelico, Bailey’s & Chocolate Syrup.

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